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Please note: This case study has been revised as of April 2020.

After ESG, impact.

A critical analysis designed for sophisticated investors, ESG experts and impact professionals 

'Unilever is seen as one of the best example of good CSR on the planet. It is a pillar of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) since 1998 and it ranks in the 95th percentile in most CSR/ESG rankings. But with the impak IS² methodology of impak Finance Unilever scores 245 out of 1000.'' 

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The impact evaluation to overcome ESG ratings' boundaries

The Canadian-French fintech startup impak Finance was created to rethink money for a fairer economy and a healthier planet. It develops an economic ecosystem dedicated to the impact economy—an economy which is composed of businesses with verified social or environmental positif impact. 

impak Finance offers services and tools allowing citizens, businesses, investors and financial institutions to use their capital to create economic growth at the service of people and planet. 

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impak IS² - Impact Investing Scoring Solution  

The Impact Investing Scoring Solution (impak IS²) is at the heart of impak Finance's expertise. This turnkey solution assesses the global impact of a business and enables tracking through impact indicators, a matrix and the impak Score. impak IS² offers investors standardized qualitative and quantitative data easily comparable between businesses, a dashboard including the impak Score plus a detailed analysis of a portfolio's businesses. It also provides the investor with an index for the portfolio to monitor the social and environmental impact if desired.  

impak IS² is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN, and on the Impact Management Project (IMP), an international group of more than 2 000 organizations building global consensus on how to manage and measure impact. 

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